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February - November 2023


SBG 02

PACKAGE: Bird Watching In North Borneo / 2 Persons

DURATION: 12 Days & 11 Nights

DESTINATION: Kinabalu Park, RDC Sepilok, Sukau & Tabin

Price : USD 4106 Per Person


DAY 01, DAY 02, DAY 03 and DAY 04

  • After breakfast depart for Kinabalu Park. We will be birding here for 4 days. Meals: Own Account. Overnight at Cottage Hotel.

  • Standing at 4095 metres, the slopes of Mount Kinabalu is covered with lush montane forest, containing a huge variance of birds, many of which are endemic to the highlands of Borneo. Birding activities will take place along the road towards the summit and on some trails in search for highlands birds such as Mountain Serpent Eagle, Red-breasted and Crimson-headed Partridges, Bare-headed, Sunda and Chestnut-hooded Laughingthrushes, Mountain Wren-Babbler, Bornean Stubtail, Mountain Black-eye, Pale-faced Bulbul, Bornean Swiftlet, Bornean Green Magpie, Bornean Whistler, Bornean Whistling-thrush, Bornean Forktail, Fruithunter, the superb Whitehead's trio (Trogon, Broadbill, and Spiderhunter) and the elusive Everett's Thrush.

  • We also take a day trip to Poring Hot Springs, the lower slopes of Mount Kinabalu, which offers chances to find the dazzling Blue-banded, Bornean Banded Pittas and Hose's Broadbill (one of the most illusive endemics). We may also encounter several rare species including White-necked Babbler, White-tailed Flycatcher, Rufous-collared, Banded Kingfishers, and even Chestnut-capped Thrush.


DAY 05 and DAY 06

  • Depart for Sepilok. We will be birding here for 2 days, covering Rainforest Discovery Centre (RDC) and areas around Sepilok. Meals: Own Account. Overnight at Sepilok B&B.

  • The Rainforest Skybridge at RDC and some spots in Sepilok are amongst the best locations for birders to observe lowland birds such as Bornean Bristlehead and Black-crowned Pitta (unique endemic to Borneo) and many species of woodpeckers, Bulbuls, barbets, Minivels and Spider-hunters.


DAY 07 and DAY 08

  • Depart for Sukau. Birding here for 2 days. Meals: Full Board. Overnight at Greenview.

  • At the lowlands such as Kinabatangan Floodplain, it is common to find wildlife such as the illusive Proboscis Monkey, rare Storm's Stork, eight species of hornbill and the less-known Bornean Ground Cuckoo.


DAY 09, DAY 10 and DAY 11 

  • Depart for Tabin. Bird/Wildlife watching around Tabin for 3 days. Meals: Full Board. Overnight at Tabin.

  • The forest in Tabin has a rich diversity of birds, including rare and endemic species. Based on the record, Tabin has all the 8 of Sabah’s Hornbill species; other species that have been sighted here include Blue-headed Pitta, Black-and-crimson Pitta, Malaysian Blue Flycatcher, Temminck’s Sunbird, Purple-throated Sunbird, Everett’s White-eye, Yellow-rumped Flowerpecker, and rarely seen species such as Storm’s Stork, Jambu Fruit Dove, Large Green Pigeon, White-fronted Falconet, Great-billed Heron and Giant Pitta.


DAY 12

  • Depart from Lahad Datu to Kota Kinabalu International Airport via MasWings. All Meals: Own Account. Overnight at a hotel in Kota Kinabalu.





4 nights at Cottage/Ayana Hotel – Standard Room.

2 nights at Sepilok Bed & Breakfast – Hornbill Room.

2 nights at Sukau Greenview.

3 nights at Tabin Wildlife Reserve.

1 night at Shangri-La KK – Standard Room.

Meals stated in the itinerary

Entrance Fee to Tabin Wildlife Reserve, Rainforest Discovery Centre, Kinabalu Park

Transfer and tours as stated in the package            

Guide – English speaker and wildlife photographer 

Domestic Flight / MasWings: LDU to BKI




Airfare, Guide Tips, Travel Insurance




Personal Items, Insect Repellent, Swim Wear, Sun Block, Own Drinking Bottle, Personal First Aid Kit




Not all meals are included. 

Visitors are advised to organise their own travel insurance (please submit a copy to us)


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